Trick'or'Treat | Angel/Goddess make-up

Heyy everyone,

Finally it's half-term or as college likes to say 'reading week' and that means Halloween is legit right around the corner. I've had this series planned for a while now, and since I haven't been able to blog much over the pass two months and Halloween is on Saturday, I've saved all my Halloween based posts for this week so I can put enough energy into them that I wanted to. (is it possible to fit any more 'Halloween's' into such a short space).

Okay, so I'm going to start this week off with a less scary look but none the less fun look. When I was coming up with post ideas I asked my friend, who I hope reads this blog, what she would like, and since she's off to a Halloween party and is being an angel she asked if I could show her a make-up look for it. Well I'm no make-up artist but I hope this is sufficient Georgia. ^_^

Okay, so I started with my base face make-up where I used my fix & perfect Rimmel Primer with the Seventeen on the spot Foundation then used my Rimmel wake me up concealer to cover those dark circles and blemishes, pretty much my everyday make-up, oh yeah and to mattify everything I used my Rimmel face powder. Then to make my face some what resembling that of an angel I used the Collection Bronze & Glow as a bronzer to chisel out some cheek and jaw lines that are somewhere hidden behind my chubby cheeks, and this Gold Glow powder that I think I got out some set from Marks&Spencer's from a friend for my birthday one year, to give me that angelic glow (I want to apologies for my bad description skills, I'm working on it).

Next, I went on to the eye make-up, which for me is the main focus for most make-up looks I create. I started by using 'spontaneous' which is a gold colour (all the colours I use are from a Stila palette which you can find a review of here) that I washed all over my lids and almost all the way up to my brow bone and then at the end slightly winged it out. On top of that into the crease I used 'whim' which is a dark but light brown *can I even say that* as well as winged it out following the wing I had created with the gold. Then to finish off the eye shadow on my lids on the inner two thirds I used 'instinct' which is a pearly white, and then blended it all the edges of the colour together so the make-up wasn't so harsh. These colours are all gorgeous and the pictures don't give them justice.

To finish off the eyes, I used a black eyeliner *tries to steady shaking hand* and following the wing of the gold and brown eye shadow, made a wing. And then because I was staring at myself in the mirror thinking the look didn't look angel enough (is that even a thing) following the direction of the wing drew on a wing to the end of the bottom eye line, then used a black pencil liner to merge that wing with the rest of my water line, I wasn't going to try doing that with a liquid liner aha.

Then to finish off the look, as I wanted the focus to be on the eyes and hopefully the glow to my skin from the bronzer and 'highlighter' thing I kept the colour on my lips plain with a nude, using a Collection lip butter as my lips get so dry during the colder months so anything that gives then any kind of moisture is an amazing thing, this one I'm using is in the colour 'cappuccino' but for nude lip colours you have to find the one that suits you best with your skin tone.

Pheww, I think I describe this look pretty good, hope it helps Georgia! If you try out this look send me a picture on twitter (@thats_sosophie) so I can marvel at how much better you can do it than me hehe. Now I have done this look, it would be nice if I had somewhere to go, the problem of not having that many friends.

So over to you, What have you got planned for Halloween this year?

Till next time, Sophie xox