Made-up for Autumn

Heyy everyone,

At last I've got round to writing this post. I've been meaning since nearly the beginning of September to show you guys my Autumn make-up look, but haven't had time and good lightening to take photos for it. But know I have the photos so can finally write up this post.(I feel like I've just repeated myself at lot). Anyway, I love Autumn and the colours that come with it, so creating a look to suit this season was so fun. I just want to say before I get into this post more I'm no make-up artist and I take the photos with my Ipad, but I hope from the pictures and my description you can get at what I did (^o^)

So, I'm mostly going to focus on the eyes for this look, but before I started them I have foundation and concealer on my face and I also filled in my eyebrows with a brown eye shadow I have that does not have a name but is out of the elf palette I picked up in T.K.Maxx at some point.

Anywho, on to the eyes. I started with a dark red/burgundy colour with I put on the my crease and slightly above and sort of used this as a transition colour ready for the other colours that will overlap it. Then into the crease I use 'whim' out of my Stila palette (review here ) which is a darkish brown and blended that out into the red. I've realised that blending is the key to any make-up look to look more natural and be able to use for everyday wear. For either of the two colours before if they fade away during the blending I just topped them up till the colour looked good (can't really tell from the photo but the red showed through a lot more). Then onto the centre of the eyelid I placed this gorgeous gold colour 'spontaneous', again from the stila palette, and patted it on this the colour was to my liking and them with my blending brush, smoothed out the edges between the gold and the brown. I'm loving this gold is amazing and I've realised I have no words to actually describe it hehe.

After I got my eye shadow how I wanted it, I lined my eyes with a black felt tip liner (I have such a shaky hand I don't get along with liquid eyeliners) and winged it out, then topped off my lashes with mascara. Once I had done that, I remembered I hadn't lined my water line, so went with the red eye shadow from the beginning and used that just under my water line. 

To top the look of, like any make-up look for Autumn I put on my berry purple lipstick, from MUA. I love this lipstick, and finally I have an excuse to wear it as we get more into Autumn and soon Winter, yay!

 Okay, and lets finish up with a close up of my face *hi everyone* sorry for scaring you all.

Anyway, I have reading week the week after next and 3 days off next week for the open days at college, and though I will have college work to do first, I was planning on doing Halloween series in that week before Halloween. Mainly make-up looks and if I can some outfit posts. (Halloween is one of my favourite holidays). However I'm stuck on what I could be for Halloween, if you have any suggestions comment below, and I'll try to work some magic!

What do you plan to go as for Halloween, if you celebrate it?

Till next time, Sophie xox