Trick'or'Treat | Halloween biscuits

Heyy everyone,

It's time for the last of my Halloween posts, and for this one I've decided to branched out of my comfort zone and do a baking post. I'm not the best at baking, all my family and friends know I'm so much better at maths when we were at school, but I've given it a go and hopefully you can enjoy how un-artistic I am.

I chose to do orange biscuits, though could have done Pumpkin for a more Halloween feel but we didn't have any pumpkin at available use in the house, that I then tried to decorated with Halloween characters. Okay I'll give you the recipe then the photos of how mine turned out.

You Will Need:
  • 100g plain flour
  • 50g butter or margarine
  • 50g caster sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 level teaspoon of orange rind
  1. Light the oven, Gas mark 4 or 180'C.
  2. Separate the egg yolk from the white. And grate the rind of the orange finely.
  3. Place flour into a mixing bowl and rub in the butter, then stir in the sugar and orange rind. Add the egg yolk and mix this the dough becomes smooth.
  4. Knead lightly, then roll out the dough thinly. Cut about 15 biscuits with a medium sized cutter (I actually ended up with about 18, but who's to judge ^_^ )
  5. Place on the baking sheet, brush with the beaten egg white and sprinkle with a little sugar
  6. Bake for 12-15 minutes until pale gold. Leave to cool before removing them from the baking tray.
Then all that is left to do is decorate then or not if you want to leave them plain. But for decoration be as daring and creative or as little of the both as you want.

As you can see I went with doing spiders, dripping blood and a skull/ghost design on my biscuits, and looking at them you can see why I take maths and physics and not any arty subjects. But at least there is room to improve and I can work on that by my next baking post, if you guys would like to see one?

So that's the Halloween series done and dusted! Guess I should start working on some Christmas posts now aha. I hope you've enjoyed this series as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

Over to you, What is your favourite part of Halloween? And have you baked anything for the season?

Till next time, Sophie xox

Trick'or'Treat | Vampire bride make-up

Heyy everyone,

I can't believe it is only two days till Halloween or three days or one day, what ever it is and which days you count it's really soon. It's finally feeling like Halloween in our house as my sisters have put fake spiders webs all over, I keep walking into the low hanging pieces! Anyway for this post I'm going to do another make-up look and I have to say out of all of them I've done this is definitely my favourite. I love dark make-up! It makes me feel strong and powerful, I guess how an evil villain might feel. Or maybe just because the colours make my eyes pop and kind of look scary ^_^

For this look I didn't want all the focus to be on the eyes like in the other looks as I feel like this black lipstick (that I kind of really like) makes a pretty bold statement. So I kept the colours on the eyes to be just one colour and simply worked and layered it up to give the right amount of darkness and shadow I wanted. Since it if a Vampire bride look I didn't want to use black on my eyes as I wanted it to be a bit more feminine, so I used to gorgeous dark burgundy purple on my lids. It is actually a blush that I used as I didn't have the eye shadow in the colour that I wanted but it worked out pretty good. To go along with the more feminine and dramatic look I sort of winged out the eye shadow, and to keep the line crisp I simply used some sticky tape and taped it running up from my bottom lashes to the tip of my eye brow (place the sticky tape on your hand before so it isn't so sticky that it hurts your eyes when you take it off after wards). I also took the colour all the way up to my brow, not only so you could see the shadow but as vampires tend to have sunken in eyes and I didn't want to take it too much under the eye so this is what I came up with.

I always forget to mention, how I do my face make-up, but it is pretty much my everyday make-up, and the same as what I mentioned in my other make-up post which you can find here, with a little moisturiser mixed into the foundation to make it lighter so I looked more like the un-dead. (If you want an updated everyday make-up routine comment below).

For the rest of the eyes, using a black eye liner and following the edge of the eye shadow I drew on a thin line as well as using a pencil eye liner to tight line my eyes. To finish off the eyes I took the eye shadow *actually a blush* under my eyes and blended it along the bottom line of the wing, then coated my lashes with mascara and we were good to go. I said 'eyes' way too many times in that last paragraph!

To finish off the make-up as I mentioned at the beginning, I used a black lipstick for a bold look on the lips. This one is actually from MUA and for being only £1 it came out pretty well. I didn't do this, but to make the lip look a lot cleaner around the edges you could line your lips with a black lip liner or use the lip stick and a lip brush, but I had neither a lip brush or liner so I had to be really careful, but I think it still came out okay.

To complete the look, I styled my hair in this kind of quiff that was done in two parts going along with my parting; it reminded me of a hair do that a vampire would wear when I did it last year around Halloween. And also added the choker which I wore in my doll outfit post (which you can read here), and the look was done!

I had a lot of fun creating this look! It even scared my Mum when I went down stairs to get a glass of water after I had finished it. If I had to choose out of all the looks I've done over the past week, I think I would choose this one if I was going anywhere for Halloween. Only one more posts to this Halloween series then it will be back to Autumn/Winter posts and soon Christmas ^o^ If there is any Christmas posts you would like me to do, suggest them below.

Over to you, if you recreate this look picture tweet me @thats_sosophie . And which one out of the three looks I've done has been your favourite?

Till next time, Sophie xox

Trick'or'Treat | Last minuite DIYs

Heyy everyone,

So for this Halloween series I've got going I didn't want to just do make-up and outfit posts as I feel I should add a bit of variety into my blog. Though this might not get as many reads as the other posts, I hope you can enjoy at my attempt (I stress the attempt) at doing some DIYs that could be used for a party or just because you want to decorate your house, like my sisters' like to do. Okay anyway lets get into the post.

*Tried to get some Autumness into the post even though it rained hehe*

I'm going to keep these DIYs simple, not only so they're quick but I'm also not very good at DIYs -_- . So first I thought of the ghost banners, I think I saw something that gave me inspiration on WeHeartIt (Do people still use this? Or is it mainly Pinterest?). I found a template of a ghost on the internet which I printed out then cut out and repeated the step over again but by tracing it onto paper so I could had a chain of them. Next I was going to put them onto a piece of string, which I think would have made the decoration stronger, that I would have painted black but I didn't have any so ribbon will have to do. And there you have it.

For the next DIY, as many bloggers I have a thing for candles so this one was just using an old jar a black marker and tea light to make a Halloween candle holder sort of thing. Using the black marker I drew on a Halloween design for me I liked the spider web and spider look but you could do something like a pumpkin or a cat, if you're not that artist just find an outline off the internet and use that as a template.

 He makes me want to go watch Caspar the friendly ghost or ghost busters or something else ^_^

Okay, so that's it for this post, I know it's a short one but hopefully the photos will be sufficient and can give you some kind inspiration if your going to do some DIYs for Halloween. I would totally be better at this if we had Halloween parties, but then I'm not really a party person.

Over to you, you going to any Halloween parties this year? Or do you just not go to parties like myself?

Till next time, Sophie xox

Trick'or'Treat | Doll make-up and outfit

Heyy everyone,

I'm back again with another Halloween post! Right now I have the one line "this is Halloween, this is Halloween" stuck in my head and have no idea the rest of the words, but at least I'm in the mood for Halloween which is what we want hehe. Plus finishing my history essay has put me in such a good mood. So against yesterdays post this one is a little different. I decided to create an outfit post, with a bit of make-up, to show you guys that you don't need to go spend loads on an outfit to look decent. And you don't have to be a typical cat either. This one I think is a bit more creepy, maybe more if you were in the dark, but I have to be honest I'm not the best a being creepy, my friends say I'm more innocent than anything *hides the kpop obsession behind her because would go against my innocent character* Okay anyway lets get into the post.

I chose for this look to try a replicate a doll, emphasis on the try! I got this dress a while back from Sainsbury's for like £6, and though my sisters laugh every time I wear it I kind of like it. The pattern on it reminds me a bit of a Japanese kimono, and the sleeves are 3/4 lengths which are my favourite kind of sleeve length. Anyway, I kept the dress loose though you could add like a belt to it, but dolls to me wear loose dresses and though can be creepy are meant to be cute. To add a bit more glam to the look I paired the dress with a chocker that I bought ages ago from Newlook because I liked the dainty necklaces that were part of its set, and I think this is like only the second time I've ever worn this piece of jewellery though I'm starting to love it. 

These are both just two pieces I already had, proving you can make something out of what you've already got, and don't even need to DIY. Shout out to all those who are not very good at DIY's like myself.

Next onto the make-up. Honestly the make-up for this didn't quite come out as I had hoped for it, but I think it still does its job. I used a pale purple all over my lids and then a slightly darker purple blended into the crease to give my eyes some depth. I thought pale colours worked best for this as they make your eyes seem bigger, which results in a more doll like look. It would also work well if you had eye contacts that are slightly bigger than your original iris, I think you can also get anime like ones that I wish I could try out some time. Next I used a black eyeliner and lined the top of my eyes like normal then lined the bottom of my eyes slightly away from the water line, in hope to make my eyes seem bigger (I've used the word 'bigger' so many times this post). Then finally, I added a white along my water line and to the inner corners of my eyes and put on a good coating of mascara and my eyes were done.

The lips of this look I love! I tried to make a heart sort of shape and then lined them with my liquid liner to make the red stand out even more. I love this red so much and am so glad I can finally wear it as at college I try not to wear too much red lipstick as I fear it will scare people away aha. If you mess up on the lips use a concealer to tidy things up, concealer becomes your best friend when doing make-up!

So that's it for another Halloween post. I hope I've been able to give someone some kind of help on their Halloween costume, even if it's how not to make a mess aha. If you do give it a go, send me a picture on twitter (@thats_sosophie) or tag me in it on Instagram (same username as twitter). I love to see other peoples make-up looks as well as outfit posts.

Over to you, what Halloween movies do you like to watch?

I hardly ever watch Halloween movies *gasp*
Till next time, Sophie xox

Trick'or'Treat | Angel/Goddess make-up

Heyy everyone,

Finally it's half-term or as college likes to say 'reading week' and that means Halloween is legit right around the corner. I've had this series planned for a while now, and since I haven't been able to blog much over the pass two months and Halloween is on Saturday, I've saved all my Halloween based posts for this week so I can put enough energy into them that I wanted to. (is it possible to fit any more 'Halloween's' into such a short space).

Okay, so I'm going to start this week off with a less scary look but none the less fun look. When I was coming up with post ideas I asked my friend, who I hope reads this blog, what she would like, and since she's off to a Halloween party and is being an angel she asked if I could show her a make-up look for it. Well I'm no make-up artist but I hope this is sufficient Georgia. ^_^

Okay, so I started with my base face make-up where I used my fix & perfect Rimmel Primer with the Seventeen on the spot Foundation then used my Rimmel wake me up concealer to cover those dark circles and blemishes, pretty much my everyday make-up, oh yeah and to mattify everything I used my Rimmel face powder. Then to make my face some what resembling that of an angel I used the Collection Bronze & Glow as a bronzer to chisel out some cheek and jaw lines that are somewhere hidden behind my chubby cheeks, and this Gold Glow powder that I think I got out some set from Marks&Spencer's from a friend for my birthday one year, to give me that angelic glow (I want to apologies for my bad description skills, I'm working on it).

Next, I went on to the eye make-up, which for me is the main focus for most make-up looks I create. I started by using 'spontaneous' which is a gold colour (all the colours I use are from a Stila palette which you can find a review of here) that I washed all over my lids and almost all the way up to my brow bone and then at the end slightly winged it out. On top of that into the crease I used 'whim' which is a dark but light brown *can I even say that* as well as winged it out following the wing I had created with the gold. Then to finish off the eye shadow on my lids on the inner two thirds I used 'instinct' which is a pearly white, and then blended it all the edges of the colour together so the make-up wasn't so harsh. These colours are all gorgeous and the pictures don't give them justice.

To finish off the eyes, I used a black eyeliner *tries to steady shaking hand* and following the wing of the gold and brown eye shadow, made a wing. And then because I was staring at myself in the mirror thinking the look didn't look angel enough (is that even a thing) following the direction of the wing drew on a wing to the end of the bottom eye line, then used a black pencil liner to merge that wing with the rest of my water line, I wasn't going to try doing that with a liquid liner aha.

Then to finish off the look, as I wanted the focus to be on the eyes and hopefully the glow to my skin from the bronzer and 'highlighter' thing I kept the colour on my lips plain with a nude, using a Collection lip butter as my lips get so dry during the colder months so anything that gives then any kind of moisture is an amazing thing, this one I'm using is in the colour 'cappuccino' but for nude lip colours you have to find the one that suits you best with your skin tone.

Pheww, I think I describe this look pretty good, hope it helps Georgia! If you try out this look send me a picture on twitter (@thats_sosophie) so I can marvel at how much better you can do it than me hehe. Now I have done this look, it would be nice if I had somewhere to go, the problem of not having that many friends.

So over to you, What have you got planned for Halloween this year?

Till next time, Sophie xox

Travel Bucket List

To the left of the image is a globe lamp. The side that is facing us shows Africa, the Indian Ocean, and a part of Asia. On the right of the image it the words 'Travel Bucket List' stacked on top of each other. They are written in a handwritten kind of font. The words are also in white.

Hey everyone,

I've recently read a blog post about a travel bucket list, and as I would love to travel I thought I would share with you some of the places I wish to go in the future. Though there are so many places that I want to go, I don't want to bombard you guys with it so I think I will keep it to my top 6 (now realising this is going to be a lot trickier than I originally thought).

Made-up for Autumn

Heyy everyone,

At last I've got round to writing this post. I've been meaning since nearly the beginning of September to show you guys my Autumn make-up look, but haven't had time and good lightening to take photos for it. But know I have the photos so can finally write up this post.(I feel like I've just repeated myself at lot). Anyway, I love Autumn and the colours that come with it, so creating a look to suit this season was so fun. I just want to say before I get into this post more I'm no make-up artist and I take the photos with my Ipad, but I hope from the pictures and my description you can get at what I did (^o^)

So, I'm mostly going to focus on the eyes for this look, but before I started them I have foundation and concealer on my face and I also filled in my eyebrows with a brown eye shadow I have that does not have a name but is out of the elf palette I picked up in T.K.Maxx at some point.

Anywho, on to the eyes. I started with a dark red/burgundy colour with I put on the my crease and slightly above and sort of used this as a transition colour ready for the other colours that will overlap it. Then into the crease I use 'whim' out of my Stila palette (review here ) which is a darkish brown and blended that out into the red. I've realised that blending is the key to any make-up look to look more natural and be able to use for everyday wear. For either of the two colours before if they fade away during the blending I just topped them up till the colour looked good (can't really tell from the photo but the red showed through a lot more). Then onto the centre of the eyelid I placed this gorgeous gold colour 'spontaneous', again from the stila palette, and patted it on this the colour was to my liking and them with my blending brush, smoothed out the edges between the gold and the brown. I'm loving this gold is amazing and I've realised I have no words to actually describe it hehe.

After I got my eye shadow how I wanted it, I lined my eyes with a black felt tip liner (I have such a shaky hand I don't get along with liquid eyeliners) and winged it out, then topped off my lashes with mascara. Once I had done that, I remembered I hadn't lined my water line, so went with the red eye shadow from the beginning and used that just under my water line. 

To top the look of, like any make-up look for Autumn I put on my berry purple lipstick, from MUA. I love this lipstick, and finally I have an excuse to wear it as we get more into Autumn and soon Winter, yay!

 Okay, and lets finish up with a close up of my face *hi everyone* sorry for scaring you all.

Anyway, I have reading week the week after next and 3 days off next week for the open days at college, and though I will have college work to do first, I was planning on doing Halloween series in that week before Halloween. Mainly make-up looks and if I can some outfit posts. (Halloween is one of my favourite holidays). However I'm stuck on what I could be for Halloween, if you have any suggestions comment below, and I'll try to work some magic!

What do you plan to go as for Halloween, if you celebrate it?

Till next time, Sophie xox

Confessions of a Blogger | Tag

Heyy everyone,

If you don't follow me on twitter (which you should do @thats_sosophie ) then you probably haven't known that I haven't kept up with blogging recently because of college work. I take 4 subjects, maths, physics, geography, and Tudor history, which I've found out recently take up a lot of my time outside of lessons (I've read so many articles for geography) though honestly I don't mind. So anyway this has resulted in myself not being able to take photos for blog posts, but as I don't have to much homework this evening I thought I would write a tag post as I haven't done any of these yet. So I've been reading through a few and found I quite liked the questions of 'confessions of a blogger' so thought I would give it a go. Anyway lets get into the questions...

When did you start your blog?
This one in particular I think was during the summer holidays last year, as I was bored and had spent my time watching YouTube but was to scared to try that so I turned to blogging and I'm so glad I did. I also wanted another platform to write on as I already wrote stories and had attempted writing songs, but I think after it all blogging has been the best one for me.

Have you had any past online presence before (Other blogs, YouTube)?
I've tried writing blogs before, but it was at a point in time when my confidence was really low, so when one of my classmates found out I stopped that blog as I was scared of what they would think. And in a way I'm glad it went that way because otherwise I wouldn't have this blog now. I also tried filming a YouTube video at one point but I was terrible at editing so that never took off aha.

Why did you start a blog?
I've always loved writing, I used to write stories and still do sometimes, but blogging for me was another way I could write and be creative. I guess I chose to start a blog in particular because it was a idea in a magazine I read about what to do during Spring break, and I wanted to try something new. So put everything together and you get this blog!

When did you become serious about starting a blog?
I never started the blog to be serious it was just something of a hobby, but I guess once I finished secondary school this year and had the long summer holidays I was able to put more of my time into it and I gave myself the goal to keep something going this time, as I have a record of quitting things when they get even the slightest bit boring (cricket would be an example of that). So I guess I could say that in July was went I actually got serious about looking after my blog.

What was your first post?
My first post was my 'Everyday Make-up'. When I started this blog I planned for it to be pretty much all beauty related, though over time I've broadened the idea to fashion, lifestyle and just random nonsense. And as I didn't want to do one of those introduce myself because at the time I didn't know who would read it and didn't want to tell everyone about myself, just posting the make-up I wore seemed like the best idea. Looking back now the photo quality isn't great and some photos are not even in focus, but what can I say, we all have to start from somewhere.

What has been your biggest challenge about blogging?
For me it was actually the social media side of things. I could take photos and write okay, but I wasn't very social in really life and my mum had told me to be so cautious about the internet that I think I was kind of scared to put myself out there. But I think now I've found a balance between what I share and what I don't, and I think it helped that I gained a load of confidence from somewhere (some reason I think it was when I started listening to Kpop) and started college so was completely thrown out my comfort zone that the internet didn't seem that scary.

Where do you see your blog in one year?
Most likely still a hobby for me to turn to when I want to be creative. I would hope my photos and context have improved and to have more people reading what I post. And even if the whole thing is slow I just hope that people will still like to read what I post.

What is the most rewarding thing to you about blogging?
The most rewarding thing about blogging, though I could write a lot for this, I feel seeing people are reading what I've spent time to create and what I am proud of, and seemed to be enjoying it actually makes me feel really happy. Having liked minded people to talk to about things I love is amazing.

What is the most discouraging thing that happens to you?
There isn't much that discourages me. It was a long time before I even got about 10 reads on posts and even longer before I got any comments (Thank you Thrifty Vintage Fashion, she was the first person to comment on any of my posts and it actually made me so happy) that I just keep going because this is my hobby and I enjoy it and in the end that is all that really matters, right?

What's your lasting inspirations or motivation?
Thinking about it most of my inspiration comes from other bloggers, we all feed off each other and I guess that's what brings us closer as a community. But apart from that my inspiration can come in forms of lyrics in music to actions in shows I watched, ideas tend to come to me at the most random time. As for motivation, though you have other bloggers and people around you who can give you this, in the end I find it's just me and my laptop that can actually create the blog post. However I do find that listening to music can put me in a good mood which leads to me having motivations, so you could say it was all down to music (I now feel like I'm writing a history essay concluding it like that aha).

Okay so that's the end of the questions, if you like these kind of posts let me know and maybe mention some other tags I could do. I'm not going to tag anyone in particular to do this tag as I don't know who has done it or not, but if you do tell me and I will read it, I'm curious of other people's answers to these questions.

Anyway, Till next time, Sophie xox