Skin Care Routine

Heyy everyone,

Sorry this post is a day late, college has packed me with home study which took up the majority of the weekend. So here I am using my free on Monday morning to write it up. I don't have much of a skincare routine, so mines pretty basic, but using these products seems to keep my skin in check even whilst being a teenage girl.

I have a slightly different routine in the morning compared the evening, and in the morning I like to keep it light. So I start of by washing my face with the Simple 'vital vitamin foaming cleanser' and I'm starting to realise I might just like it because it makes tiny bubbles. Then once I've dried my face I put the Simple 'soothing facial toner' on a cotton pad and part wipe part pat it onto my face, particularly in the places where my pores are at their largest. Then to finish off I use my trusted Nivea day cream for normal to combination skin and I'm done - well after I do my make-up of course. The moisturiser is also one a my favourites as it has SPF 15, and when you burn like a lobster that can come in real handy.

Then in the evening if I'm feeling lazy I will just use a eye make-up remover, as most of my make-up is centred around my eyes, and use the Simple cleansing facial wipes to rid my face of any other make-up and dirt the day has left behind.

But my regular evening routine consists of the St.Ives apricot scrub (this one is the gentle one but I think I prefer the one with the green band, I can't remember the name) which I feel makes my face squeaky clean and then same as in the morning I use the facial toner and moisturiser. Though once or twice a week I will also use the Simple 'oil balancing exfoliator' which gives my face a deep cleanse which I love to do when my skin feels like it's having a bad day.

Anyway that's my skincare routine, if you recommend any products comment them below, there's just so many to choose from I don't know where to start.

Till next time, Sophie xox