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By Sophie R - September 10, 2015

Heyy everyone,

Is everyone apart from the college I'm starting already gone back to school? I'm actually really looking forward to learning again, I'm getting bored after nearly 3 months off. Anyway, for this Thursdays post I thought I would do another review, this time on the essence range that I've discovered recently at my local Wilkinson's. I have a feeling this brand is already quite common in America, but I think it's pretty new to the UK.

So far I've only tested out the lipliner and nail polish, and I have to say for the price they were (lipliner - £1, nail polish - £1.60, I think) they were actually pretty good.

I've been using the nail polish, I think the colours called '21 a whisper of spring' through out the past few month. The colour is a pale purple and though I do have to put on more than one coat for the colour to be opaque, once I have the polish stays on for a long time. Which should be considered a miracle as I always either smudge the polish in the first hour of wearing it or I do something which causes the nail polish to chip on start to peel off. I feel the colour has been a great colour for the Spring and Summer, and I'm hoping I can get away with wearing it for a while longer before the darker colours come in more. I wonder if they have a deep purple or red that I could try in the range.

The lipliner, which is in '07 cute pink', is such a fun colour to wear. I find it's a bright pink that suits me well, as it's not too bright but it's not too pale or dark either, if that makes any sense. Considering it only cost a pound this has been a pretty good product. I haven't worn it much since I bought it mainly because I've just been at home where I don't wear make-up, but when I have the product has stayed pretty well on my lips. I feel it might be slightly to bright for the an Autumn everyday look, but if I ever feel like having a strong lip colour that isn't red I most likely will gravitate towards this colour.

Over all, I have really liked the products and definitely will be going back to Wilko's in the future to purchase more of the range.

I'm up for trying new make-up products, which ones do you guys recommend? There's so many to look through I have no clue where to start.

Anyway, sorry this is such a short post, my next one should hopefully be an outfit post so more pictures yay.

Till next time, Sophie xox

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