OOTD // Enrolmemt Day

Heyy everyone,

I'm on a roll this week with blog posts and I'm going to try to keep up this schedule when I fully start college, but I honestly don't know how much work I will have to do at home.

Anyway, we had our enrolment day today and signed up for all the courses we want to take. So now all that's left is the induction day and then it's into full time table. I can't decide if I'm more nervous or excited about college but I'm just going to try not to panic too much. Anyway, I haven't done many of these outfit posts, maybe one and I had a friend to take the photos then, so this was tricky. I'm actually standing on a box here as the only plan(ish) wall in my room is the one by my bed and I didn't want the messiness under my bed to be in frame too much. If you have any tips for outfit posts comment them below please, I'm up for learning.

How does the background colour change for just one picture baffles me.

*Awkward hand pose* I love the pattern on this blazer, and it's in monochrome colours which means I could possible wear it with every outfit.

Top - Tu | Blazer - Select | Jeans - Tu | Boots - Newlook | Bag - Don't know where it's from think I got it offline a couple years back.

I rarely dress up, I tend to wear joggers and baggy jumpers all the time. But since starting college I feel I have an excuse to dress up nice for once.

Anyway how's everyone dealing with going back to school/college?

Love Sophie xox