Music Favourites

Heyy everyone,

So this week I have finally started college and to be honest it's been a bit hectic and I feel totally unprepared with them telling us all these extra things we now need. As I've been either doing college stuff or sleeping (might have read a little as well) I haven't had time to take photos so I'm going to keep this post simple and write about the music I love.

The music I listen to most always puts a blank on peoples faces when I tell them, and then I have to explain to them that Kpop is just Korean pop. Then having to say it was the dancing in the music videos that got me in to it when they stare at me more as I don't even understand Korean.

But as CL said... "Even if you don't understand the language, you can still love the music."

So if you fancy listening to something new here are my favourites of music.

  • Bts (Bangtan Boy) - These boys weren't the first group I listened too but have become my favourite, and recently I got one of my friends into loving them as well. They're dance moves are on point along with their vocals and rapping skills as well. They're still a rookie group but I love them just as much as the older groups. If I could recommend just one song I would say 'War of Hormone' as it's such a fun song but then the dancing in 'Dope' is on point. Anyway I would say to listen to all their songs if you have time.
  • Ailee "Don't touch me" - Though I love all of Ailee's songs my favourite is 'Don't touch me' and was the first of her music I listened to. She's a strong female idol who sings quite a lot about girl power. Also she looks so gorgeous in her music videos.
  • N.Flying "Awesome" - These guys only made debut this year but I love them already. Unlike the other groups I like which are more of dance groups N.Flying are a band and have worked so hard for their music and it shows in their music videos. 'Awesome' is so catchy I think I've almost learnt the beginning rap even though the majority of it is in Korean with some English splashed in a places.
  • Henry "Trap" - This song is a couple years old but I still love it. Also it is the only kpop song that I have found that the musician has made an English version to, probably helped that Henry wrote it in English first.
  • Got7 "Just Right" - Along with BTS this group is one of my favourites. The music is fun a lively and you always feel you have to dance to it, well at least I do. 'Just right' I think was the song that got me into Got7 but I'm glad as now I have even more awesome music to listen to.

These are my top music picks at the moment, though there are a lot more I love these make the top and if I was to list them all this would be a way to long blog post. Anyway if you check any of these guys out comment below and tell me what you thought.

So over to you, are there any artists you think I should check out?

Till next time, Sophie xox