Girly Autumn OOTD

Heyy everyone,

For this post I thought I would keep it simple and show you the outfits I like to wear when ever I feel like being slightly more girly during the Autumn and not just layer up with jumpers and hide in their hoods, so no one can see how tired I am. Anyway I probably should just finish up typing this and let you get into the picture of this post as I'm sure it's much more interesting than hearing me waffling on, this is an outfit post after all. So lets get into the post, and if you have any suggestions of post I could write comment them below, I have this nagging feeling in the back of my head that when I start college on Monday ideas might drain from my head. It was good knowing you creativity!

This dress is the key (Key, hehe makes me think of a member of SHINee, kpop reference ^_^) piece in the next two outfits. I love the tarten print, and the cut of this skater dress (I find those suit me the best). Most of my other dresses are ones for parties so having the casual option that I can wear on a normal day is nice

I first paired it up with a large knitted cardigan and tights, for those days indoors where you want to feel girly but have no intention of leaving the house, I know we all have those days. I love how it's warm and cosy but you don't completely lose me under a pile of clothing.

For times where I might want to leave the house, though it's cold out side (that sounds like a Christmas song!) I just simply throw on a leather jacket. I find any outfit looks fine if you put on a leather jacket, even my Disney tops which make me feel like a 5 year old but I love them, feel easier to wear if paired with a leather jacket, is that just me? Any way I simply then add my boots from Newlook which have become the pair of shoes I wear everywhere - I'm the sort of person who lives in one pair of shoes till I've completely destroyed them, - and I'm set to go.

Dress - Select | Knitted cardigan - Newlook | Leather Jacket - Primark | Tights - Newlook | Boots - Newlook

Anyway, this outfit for me speaks Autumn. Though I could have added layers to it, the dress in particular shows the colours of Autumn making it my favourite dress, well almost I can't over look my Prom dress. But still. 

What do you guys like wearing in Autumn, my wardrobe could seriously could use with updating aha.

So I'm going to finish here, when writing this I have to leave for my first college lesson in half an hour and I'm trying not to freak out but writing this blog post has helped keep my shaking hands a bit. 
Till next time, Sophie xox