Autumn Wish List

Heyy everyone,

Summer is soon coming to an end and I have to say I'm actually really excited for the Autumn and following Winter. If you didn't know Autumn is my favourite season. I love the big warm jumpers and the curling up in warm blankets with hot chocolate while watching movies. Though I do like the long summer evenings I love that everything seems more cosy in the Autumn. So I thought for this weeks post as the weather is getting colder (well it is where I live) I would share with you the fashion items that I have been eyeing up as I've walked through shops A/W collection.

1 // Ankle Boots - Ankle boots are my go to shoe at the moment. They're warm but comfy and you can pair them up with so many different outfits. These ones in particular are from Newlook, pricing at £27.99, and when I first saw them it was like I found the perfect shoe (sadly they weren't in my size so I had to leave them for another day). I also don't have any shoes in this colour but I would like to have some

2 // Biker Jacket - For most people a black leather jacket is a staple piece in there wardrobe, myself included in that, but considering I mostly wear black and dark coloured jeans I like to add some colour to my outfit (says the person wearing black leggings, jumper and socks). So when I was searching online for coats this one showed up and caught my eye, making me add it too my wish list.

3 // Hats - I'm a lover for hats (and scarves) and my collection of them is slowly growing. I feel like they can add so much to an outfit and totally change the feel of it. Plus hats can hide a bad hair day which I always find handy every now and again. Since in Summer the hats are mainly straw-looking or beach type hats, in the Autumn I love the arrange of colours the hats come in, and I can always find a cute hat when I go out shopping.

4 // Graphic/Picture T-shirts - I don't know if this is a normal thing to put on a wish list as most of the time people have many different tees in their wardrobes, but for me I can never say no especially when the design in the t-shirts are in the patterns I like (such as the one above). The only problem I have if that there is too many to choose from.

5 // Handbag - I can't quite remember where I first saw this bag, I might have heard it from a YouTube video, but when I did I instantly fell in love with it. It's from H&M and for only £29.99, which seems like a decent price for such a nice bag. Not only does it look a decent size for college and all the work I will have to carry around but the colour is amazing and one of my favourites actually.

Is anyone else looking forward to Autumn? Here in England the weather kind of makes you feel like the Summer has already ended, as it's cold and dull outside and we've had so much rain it flooded the town centre. Anyway what kind of things are you looking forward to in the rest of the year? I can't quite believe we're into the 9th month of the year, I feel like only the other weeks I was doing my Spanish speaking assessment (which took place in January), and now it's closer to Christmas this year rather than last years.

Love Sophie xox