Skin Care Routine

Heyy everyone,

Sorry this post is a day late, college has packed me with home study which took up the majority of the weekend. So here I am using my free on Monday morning to write it up. I don't have much of a skincare routine, so mines pretty basic, but using these products seems to keep my skin in check even whilst being a teenage girl.

I have a slightly different routine in the morning compared the evening, and in the morning I like to keep it light. So I start of by washing my face with the Simple 'vital vitamin foaming cleanser' and I'm starting to realise I might just like it because it makes tiny bubbles. Then once I've dried my face I put the Simple 'soothing facial toner' on a cotton pad and part wipe part pat it onto my face, particularly in the places where my pores are at their largest. Then to finish off I use my trusted Nivea day cream for normal to combination skin and I'm done - well after I do my make-up of course. The moisturiser is also one a my favourites as it has SPF 15, and when you burn like a lobster that can come in real handy.

Then in the evening if I'm feeling lazy I will just use a eye make-up remover, as most of my make-up is centred around my eyes, and use the Simple cleansing facial wipes to rid my face of any other make-up and dirt the day has left behind.

But my regular evening routine consists of the St.Ives apricot scrub (this one is the gentle one but I think I prefer the one with the green band, I can't remember the name) which I feel makes my face squeaky clean and then same as in the morning I use the facial toner and moisturiser. Though once or twice a week I will also use the Simple 'oil balancing exfoliator' which gives my face a deep cleanse which I love to do when my skin feels like it's having a bad day.

Anyway that's my skincare routine, if you recommend any products comment them below, there's just so many to choose from I don't know where to start.

Till next time, Sophie xox

Music Favourites

Heyy everyone,

So this week I have finally started college and to be honest it's been a bit hectic and I feel totally unprepared with them telling us all these extra things we now need. As I've been either doing college stuff or sleeping (might have read a little as well) I haven't had time to take photos so I'm going to keep this post simple and write about the music I love.

The music I listen to most always puts a blank on peoples faces when I tell them, and then I have to explain to them that Kpop is just Korean pop. Then having to say it was the dancing in the music videos that got me in to it when they stare at me more as I don't even understand Korean.

But as CL said... "Even if you don't understand the language, you can still love the music."

So if you fancy listening to something new here are my favourites of music.

  • Bts (Bangtan Boy) - These boys weren't the first group I listened too but have become my favourite, and recently I got one of my friends into loving them as well. They're dance moves are on point along with their vocals and rapping skills as well. They're still a rookie group but I love them just as much as the older groups. If I could recommend just one song I would say 'War of Hormone' as it's such a fun song but then the dancing in 'Dope' is on point. Anyway I would say to listen to all their songs if you have time.
  • Ailee "Don't touch me" - Though I love all of Ailee's songs my favourite is 'Don't touch me' and was the first of her music I listened to. She's a strong female idol who sings quite a lot about girl power. Also she looks so gorgeous in her music videos.
  • N.Flying "Awesome" - These guys only made debut this year but I love them already. Unlike the other groups I like which are more of dance groups N.Flying are a band and have worked so hard for their music and it shows in their music videos. 'Awesome' is so catchy I think I've almost learnt the beginning rap even though the majority of it is in Korean with some English splashed in a places.
  • Henry "Trap" - This song is a couple years old but I still love it. Also it is the only kpop song that I have found that the musician has made an English version to, probably helped that Henry wrote it in English first.
  • Got7 "Just Right" - Along with BTS this group is one of my favourites. The music is fun a lively and you always feel you have to dance to it, well at least I do. 'Just right' I think was the song that got me into Got7 but I'm glad as now I have even more awesome music to listen to.

These are my top music picks at the moment, though there are a lot more I love these make the top and if I was to list them all this would be a way to long blog post. Anyway if you check any of these guys out comment below and tell me what you thought.

So over to you, are there any artists you think I should check out?

Till next time, Sophie xox

Girly Autumn OOTD

Heyy everyone,

For this post I thought I would keep it simple and show you the outfits I like to wear when ever I feel like being slightly more girly during the Autumn and not just layer up with jumpers and hide in their hoods, so no one can see how tired I am. Anyway I probably should just finish up typing this and let you get into the picture of this post as I'm sure it's much more interesting than hearing me waffling on, this is an outfit post after all. So lets get into the post, and if you have any suggestions of post I could write comment them below, I have this nagging feeling in the back of my head that when I start college on Monday ideas might drain from my head. It was good knowing you creativity!

This dress is the key (Key, hehe makes me think of a member of SHINee, kpop reference ^_^) piece in the next two outfits. I love the tarten print, and the cut of this skater dress (I find those suit me the best). Most of my other dresses are ones for parties so having the casual option that I can wear on a normal day is nice

I first paired it up with a large knitted cardigan and tights, for those days indoors where you want to feel girly but have no intention of leaving the house, I know we all have those days. I love how it's warm and cosy but you don't completely lose me under a pile of clothing.

For times where I might want to leave the house, though it's cold out side (that sounds like a Christmas song!) I just simply throw on a leather jacket. I find any outfit looks fine if you put on a leather jacket, even my Disney tops which make me feel like a 5 year old but I love them, feel easier to wear if paired with a leather jacket, is that just me? Any way I simply then add my boots from Newlook which have become the pair of shoes I wear everywhere - I'm the sort of person who lives in one pair of shoes till I've completely destroyed them, - and I'm set to go.

Dress - Select | Knitted cardigan - Newlook | Leather Jacket - Primark | Tights - Newlook | Boots - Newlook

Anyway, this outfit for me speaks Autumn. Though I could have added layers to it, the dress in particular shows the colours of Autumn making it my favourite dress, well almost I can't over look my Prom dress. But still. 

What do you guys like wearing in Autumn, my wardrobe could seriously could use with updating aha.

So I'm going to finish here, when writing this I have to leave for my first college lesson in half an hour and I'm trying not to freak out but writing this blog post has helped keep my shaking hands a bit. 
Till next time, Sophie xox

Review | Essence range

Heyy everyone,

Is everyone apart from the college I'm starting already gone back to school? I'm actually really looking forward to learning again, I'm getting bored after nearly 3 months off. Anyway, for this Thursdays post I thought I would do another review, this time on the essence range that I've discovered recently at my local Wilkinson's. I have a feeling this brand is already quite common in America, but I think it's pretty new to the UK.

So far I've only tested out the lipliner and nail polish, and I have to say for the price they were (lipliner - £1, nail polish - £1.60, I think) they were actually pretty good.

I've been using the nail polish, I think the colours called '21 a whisper of spring' through out the past few month. The colour is a pale purple and though I do have to put on more than one coat for the colour to be opaque, once I have the polish stays on for a long time. Which should be considered a miracle as I always either smudge the polish in the first hour of wearing it or I do something which causes the nail polish to chip on start to peel off. I feel the colour has been a great colour for the Spring and Summer, and I'm hoping I can get away with wearing it for a while longer before the darker colours come in more. I wonder if they have a deep purple or red that I could try in the range.

The lipliner, which is in '07 cute pink', is such a fun colour to wear. I find it's a bright pink that suits me well, as it's not too bright but it's not too pale or dark either, if that makes any sense. Considering it only cost a pound this has been a pretty good product. I haven't worn it much since I bought it mainly because I've just been at home where I don't wear make-up, but when I have the product has stayed pretty well on my lips. I feel it might be slightly to bright for the an Autumn everyday look, but if I ever feel like having a strong lip colour that isn't red I most likely will gravitate towards this colour.

Over all, I have really liked the products and definitely will be going back to Wilko's in the future to purchase more of the range.

I'm up for trying new make-up products, which ones do you guys recommend? There's so many to look through I have no clue where to start.

Anyway, sorry this is such a short post, my next one should hopefully be an outfit post so more pictures yay.

Till next time, Sophie xox

Real Technique Review | Core Collection

Heyy everyone,

I've had these brushes for a good time now, and I have to say I've definitely fallen in love with Real Technique brushes. The core ones were the first ones I got (the first ever brushes I bought myself actually) and I have to say they haven't brought about any disappointment.

The brushes are soft to use upon the face which I love and are a good size to work with. An added bonus to them is the fact that each brush tells you what they are designed to be used for, which is so helpful when I had no idea what I was actually doing with my make-up, though I do tend to not actually use some of them for what they're designed to be used for.

The core collection consists of a buffing brush, a contour brush, a pointed foundation brush and a detailer brush. Out of all of them I have to say I do use the buffing brush the most as I use it for my foundation as I find it helps to give me the coverage I want and blends the foundation well with my skin.

Over all these are amazing brushes and I would recommend them for anyone. They were a great start to my make-up brush collection and I love them as well as the eye-shadow brushes that I also have from Real Technique.

Till next time, Sophie xox

Autumn Wish List

Heyy everyone,

Summer is soon coming to an end and I have to say I'm actually really excited for the Autumn and following Winter. If you didn't know Autumn is my favourite season. I love the big warm jumpers and the curling up in warm blankets with hot chocolate while watching movies. Though I do like the long summer evenings I love that everything seems more cosy in the Autumn. So I thought for this weeks post as the weather is getting colder (well it is where I live) I would share with you the fashion items that I have been eyeing up as I've walked through shops A/W collection.

1 // Ankle Boots - Ankle boots are my go to shoe at the moment. They're warm but comfy and you can pair them up with so many different outfits. These ones in particular are from Newlook, pricing at £27.99, and when I first saw them it was like I found the perfect shoe (sadly they weren't in my size so I had to leave them for another day). I also don't have any shoes in this colour but I would like to have some

2 // Biker Jacket - For most people a black leather jacket is a staple piece in there wardrobe, myself included in that, but considering I mostly wear black and dark coloured jeans I like to add some colour to my outfit (says the person wearing black leggings, jumper and socks). So when I was searching online for coats this one showed up and caught my eye, making me add it too my wish list.

3 // Hats - I'm a lover for hats (and scarves) and my collection of them is slowly growing. I feel like they can add so much to an outfit and totally change the feel of it. Plus hats can hide a bad hair day which I always find handy every now and again. Since in Summer the hats are mainly straw-looking or beach type hats, in the Autumn I love the arrange of colours the hats come in, and I can always find a cute hat when I go out shopping.

4 // Graphic/Picture T-shirts - I don't know if this is a normal thing to put on a wish list as most of the time people have many different tees in their wardrobes, but for me I can never say no especially when the design in the t-shirts are in the patterns I like (such as the one above). The only problem I have if that there is too many to choose from.

5 // Handbag - I can't quite remember where I first saw this bag, I might have heard it from a YouTube video, but when I did I instantly fell in love with it. It's from H&M and for only £29.99, which seems like a decent price for such a nice bag. Not only does it look a decent size for college and all the work I will have to carry around but the colour is amazing and one of my favourites actually.

Is anyone else looking forward to Autumn? Here in England the weather kind of makes you feel like the Summer has already ended, as it's cold and dull outside and we've had so much rain it flooded the town centre. Anyway what kind of things are you looking forward to in the rest of the year? I can't quite believe we're into the 9th month of the year, I feel like only the other weeks I was doing my Spanish speaking assessment (which took place in January), and now it's closer to Christmas this year rather than last years.

Love Sophie xox

OOTD // Enrolmemt Day

Heyy everyone,

I'm on a roll this week with blog posts and I'm going to try to keep up this schedule when I fully start college, but I honestly don't know how much work I will have to do at home.

Anyway, we had our enrolment day today and signed up for all the courses we want to take. So now all that's left is the induction day and then it's into full time table. I can't decide if I'm more nervous or excited about college but I'm just going to try not to panic too much. Anyway, I haven't done many of these outfit posts, maybe one and I had a friend to take the photos then, so this was tricky. I'm actually standing on a box here as the only plan(ish) wall in my room is the one by my bed and I didn't want the messiness under my bed to be in frame too much. If you have any tips for outfit posts comment them below please, I'm up for learning.

How does the background colour change for just one picture baffles me.

*Awkward hand pose* I love the pattern on this blazer, and it's in monochrome colours which means I could possible wear it with every outfit.

Top - Tu | Blazer - Select | Jeans - Tu | Boots - Newlook | Bag - Don't know where it's from think I got it offline a couple years back.

I rarely dress up, I tend to wear joggers and baggy jumpers all the time. But since starting college I feel I have an excuse to dress up nice for once.

Anyway how's everyone dealing with going back to school/college?

Love Sophie xox

Wish List // Make-up

Heyy everyone,

I haven't done a wish list since about Spring/Summer time, so I thought I would write a new one but this time on the make-up I've been eyeing up. I've realised since writing them all down that they are pretty much all Korean brands, and thinking about it I've really been into Korean cosmetics and have been researching and finding how amazing they are, so in the future I hope to try some of the products. Anyway, I should stop now before I start to ramble on too much and get into the actual wish list.

1. Etude House Dear Darling Tint 01 Berry Red - I personally don't wear any kind of lip product apart from lip balm as I find that lip glosses and lip sticks come of so easy. So since I've found out about lip tints I kind of really want to try them out. And after reading a lot, and I mean a lot, of reviews I've decided that the Etude house ones would be a good start. Plus I also love this colour, and feel like it would be such go good colour for the Autumn season.

2. Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder - Recently I smashed my Rimmel Stay Matte powder while travelling so I know I need a new one, and since quite a few youtubers I watch have recommended this one I read some reviews and fancy trying it out myself. Also people have said it is good for oily/combination skin which I have, and it's hard to find a powder that doesn't dry out my skin too much.

3. IOPE Air Cushion - Many youtubers I watch have raved about not only this product but other cushion foundations and BB creams as well, and I've kind of been hooked by the trend. The only thing I'm worried about before buying this product is if the colour will suit my skin tone as I haven't worn that much foundation in the past.

4. Skin Food Apple Can Multi-Blusher - This is actually a pretty new product to my wish list, but I kind of fell in love with the colour of this blush and the packaging. I don't actually own any blush at the moment but I would love to get one.

5. Urban Decay Naked 3 palette - This product has been on my wish list for a long time now, and still against the other Naked palettes this one still is the one that catches my eye every time. But unfortunately it's a little out of my price range, just have to add it to my Christmas list then.

That's all for my wish list. What products are you loving at the moment? And what are you wishing for?

Love Sophie xox