Review : Stila 'in the moment' eyeshadow pallet

Heyy everyone,

I'm a lover for eye-shadow pallets, and this one is no exception. I bought this the other week when my mum, sisters and I popped into T.K.Maxx to look for a watch for my sister, since you can get great brands there for cheap prices. While they were looking at the ice watch I decided to look around the make-up as they always have such nice things in there. This Stila pallet caught my eye, mainly because the packaging is in a colour I love, and once I looked inside the colours of the shadows were the ones I had been looking for. Not only was it pretty much a perfect eye-shadow pallet for me but the price was only £10 when it would normally have been £25.

So over the last few weeks since I got it, I've been wearing it every time I do my make-up. And I have to say the pigmentation of the colours is amazing, even though I haven't been using an eye primer as I don't have one at this moment in time the colours have been lasting all day even when I've been under the sun and covered in water (we've been to theme parks multiple times this holiday). If you recommend any primers please comment them below.

I'm a sucker for nude coloured pallets making this one of my favourite, but also the range of pink/purple shades are lovely and are colours which make my eye colour pop (my eyes are a green/blue). Over all making this pallet one I will reach for many times. 

Not only are the colours amazing but they are mainly all shimmer based, which though might not be everyone's cup of tea I love.

Going from left to right, starting with the darkest to the lightest.
First the nude shades: captivate | whim | spontaneous | wonder | desire.
Next pink/purple shades: catalyst | improvise | glance | impulse | instinct.

I have to say out of all the shades instinct is my favourite and I use it the most, particularly to highlight the inner corners of my eyes and part way along the water line.

Along with all the eye shadows the pallet come with a full-size smudge stick waterproof eye liner. I haven't used it much of yet but from testing it on my hand I can tell the colour is gorgeous and strong, and will work wonders when doing a smoky eye look.

Over all, I love this pallet and can't wait to use it more in the future.

Love Sophie xox