Girl Online // Book review

Heyy everyone,

As said in my last post 25 facts about me I love to read so I thought this week I would do a book review. I would write about 'The Book Thief' which I am currently reading but I'm only about a third of the way through so I thought I couldn't give a totally honest review on it. So I've decided to write about 'Girl Online' by Zoe Sugg (aka youtuber Zoella).

It seems to be the thing now for youtubers to write books with many of them writing them for our book shelves and too be honest I don't normally read the books that are popular at the moment. For example I have still yet to read any John Green books, but that's mainly because I prefer reading fantasy and adventure ones. However I thought I would give Girl Online ago.

Girl Online if about a girl named Penny who writes a blog and the whirlwind of emotions she goes through on her adventures through being a teenager.

How the characters where portrayed and the use of the blog posts to express more of Penny's thought was really good, it was able to give us more of a deeper understanding to what Penny was feeling with out it sounding self centred (it wasn't like the books that you find every sentence starts with I), I had fun reading it and I think it only took me a few days to finish. Also, Zoe is writing a sequel to Girl Online that I will read when it comes out, so if anyone wants a review on that leave a comment below.

If your looking for a good book to read over this summer I would definitely recommend Girl Online for those who like teen fiction, and if not give it a try like myself you might find out you like this kind of genre as well.

I really want to find new books to read, so if you have any recommendations comment them below.

So till next week my lovelies

Love Sophie xox