Back to school // Supplies

Heyy guys

I can't believe that I have about another week off then I start college. Since I left school after I finished my exams it's nearly been three months. So though I'm nervous to the point where my legs shake, I'm actually pretty excited that I can go back to learning. Another things that has put me in a good mood about starting college is that fact that I can get a load more stationary; though I already had a good portion of what I needed as I hadn't used it up last year. (Like my pens always dry out but never my highlighters, it's like they are invincible.) Since I'm starting college and they haven't given us a list of things we need, I've just picked up the things I thought I would most likely need and use if they weren't going to be used a college. I can't wait for this whole new adventure in college but not knowing what I need is actually quite stressful, hopefully after the enrolment day next week I will know more. Wish me luck!

First of all I have my binder on the left. I don't know how many binders I need like do I need one for each class or do I take one with just the stuff I need (but knowing me I would probably forget the notes I need), but anyway I already had this binder as I bought it to put my history coursework in back in January. And as it has no use at the moment, and I love the quote on the front I thought this would be a great start. I got it from wilkos - they do amazing and cheap stationary there - where I also got my pens from. I literally stick to the same brand of pens, Bic cristal original, and have been using then for the last couple of years. Though the pencil and highlighter I have no idea where they're from as I think my dad ordered them online in bulk so I just use then. 

I have loads of notebooks there's too many to count, and this is just a simple plain one that I can take notes in. I also have lined paper ready to use and put in the binder, though I'm running low as I used so much of it last year when writing all the English essays, I preferred writing by hand than typing it all up made it easier to make changes. Then finally I have my new planner. We were always giving a planner in school and it actually made me so happy I could choose my own one this year, minus the part where I realised they were all so expensive or the paper wasn't that good quality and I would probably rip it in a small number of uses. Anyway, since I passed all my exams my Mum treated me to one from W.H.Smiths as a well done. I love this one because though its small it has enough space to write in and I love the colours.

Anyway that's all I've got for supplies for college. If there's anything else you think I should have comment below, I totally have no idea what I would need for college.

Good Luck to anyone starting school soon, be it the same school or a new one.

Sophie xox