Updating with a Prom

Heyy everyone,

I feel like I've been neglecting this blog over the last months, but then I have had exams and end of school events. However I have really missed writing and taking photos, and posting them for you guys to see. So today I thought I would give you an update on me.

Well first I had all my exams, I think there was 18 in total. And surprisingly I wasn't stressed and I'm the person who's always stressed at something it feels like, but no I wasn't. It was like walking into the exams I felt calm while everyone around me was panicking because they felt like they were forgetting everything we have learnt the last two years - or in some cases cramming everything into their brains the day before.

Then we had our leavers assembly/dress-to-impress/formal day, or what ever they called it. That was fun. We got to dress up fancy and remembered all the good times we had as a year group - such as the trip to Barcelona in year 9 (wasn't so fun at 2 in the morning when your room mates were washing their hair in the sink - I get very grumpy when kept awake, I'm sure I was a lovely person to be around hehe).

Finally a week after dress-to-impress we had our Prom. Our final time seeing most of the people we had spent 5 years with. In some ways I was happy, as I know I can go meet new people, but it's sad seeing everyone go their own separate ways when I had only just become close with some of them.

Any way, now I'm on my Summer vacation, and am trying to come up with things to do. Hopefully I can post more posts, if you have any recommendations just comment below.

So now I guess I should sign of, till next time.

Love Sophie xx