25 facts about me!

Hey everyone,

I still haven't got back into the rhythm of blogging yet but I'm making a time table along with when to upload chapters to the story I'm writing. So I thought I would give you all an insight to me, as a get to know you sort of thing. Hopefully listing down some different things about myself I might be able to come up with some more blog posts as well. Lists are very helpful.

1. I have two sisters.
2. I get nervous way too easy about way too much.
3. I've tried blogging multiple times before but didn't like the theme of the blog so stopped.
4. I'm a Kpop fan.
5. I also love anime.
6. I like to read a lot.
7. I draw sometimes as well (check out my art account on Instagram @creativejayne ).
8. I once did lots of sport but I don't anymore, sort of wish I didn't quit.
9. I've realised I don't have one solid hobby just loads of different ones because I can't just choose one, makes my timetable very packed.
10. I finished my GCSEs this year
11. I don't think I'm a very good cook.
12. Every year we go camping, I say I don't enjoy it but I actually find it quite fun.
13. I really want to travel the world when I'm older.
14. I would love to be able to learn loads of different languages but I find it really hard to get it staying in my head.
15. I'm pretty much always early for everything unless it's being out the house door to go geocaching with my family.
16. I don't like coffee.
17. But I do like peppermint and fruity flavoured tea.
18. I love watermelon.
19. I can never get both wings on winged eyeliner looking the same.
20. I only realised yesterday I don't own a red lipstick.
21. My friends know me as the one who love Disney.
22. Plus being the innocents one.
23. But I also love action, mystery and fantasy kind of movies.
24. I've never had a favourite colour.
25. I've realised I'm not very good at this.

This is harder than you think. It's tricky figuring out 25 facts to sum up yourself. But I hope I did okay. If there are any posts you wants to see in the future comment below.

Love Sophie xox 

Updating with a Prom

Heyy everyone,

I feel like I've been neglecting this blog over the last months, but then I have had exams and end of school events. However I have really missed writing and taking photos, and posting them for you guys to see. So today I thought I would give you an update on me.

Well first I had all my exams, I think there was 18 in total. And surprisingly I wasn't stressed and I'm the person who's always stressed at something it feels like, but no I wasn't. It was like walking into the exams I felt calm while everyone around me was panicking because they felt like they were forgetting everything we have learnt the last two years - or in some cases cramming everything into their brains the day before.

Then we had our leavers assembly/dress-to-impress/formal day, or what ever they called it. That was fun. We got to dress up fancy and remembered all the good times we had as a year group - such as the trip to Barcelona in year 9 (wasn't so fun at 2 in the morning when your room mates were washing their hair in the sink - I get very grumpy when kept awake, I'm sure I was a lovely person to be around hehe).

Finally a week after dress-to-impress we had our Prom. Our final time seeing most of the people we had spent 5 years with. In some ways I was happy, as I know I can go meet new people, but it's sad seeing everyone go their own separate ways when I had only just become close with some of them.

Any way, now I'm on my Summer vacation, and am trying to come up with things to do. Hopefully I can post more posts, if you have any recommendations just comment below.

So now I guess I should sign of, till next time.

Love Sophie xx