Spring/Summer Wish List

Heyy everyone

As it's spring and in a month or two it will be summer, I thought I would share with you the items I wish to buy by then to add to my clothing and make-up collection. I don't know if I have told you before but I have a tendency to write a lot of lists - you know like for every possible thing, I have a list of shows to watch, make-up recommendations from friends and of course blog posts (that is only a small lists of the lists) - so I thought I would do a kind of list post. I've seen this sort of post on quite a few other blogs and always love ready them so hopefully you will find something interesting from mine as well.

Going from top left across then bottom left across.

// Floral printed skater dresses. This year I told myself I would wear more dresses and colour, as there really isn't much of those in my wardrobe and this just ticks of two things in one go. Also I thought it would look really nice for 'dress to impress' (the year 11 leavers assembly).
//Ankle boots. I've been meaning to get a pair for ages, and can never normally find a pair I like so I have make it my mission to find a pair I love and fit.
//Floral printed tops. As the same as the dress I want more colour in my wardrobe this summer as everything is so dull and I would like something bright and cheerful.
//Flower crowns. I went through a phase a few years ago of wearing flower crowns all the time during summer, and I've realised how much I have missed wearing them, so this year I would like to start wearing them again.
//Kimonos. This were the hype, I think it was last year but I never got round to owning one, but I always thought they looked so pretty so I would love to own one.
//Nude lipstick. I have never owned a nude lipstick, hardly any lipsticks to be honest. And as I'm an eye shadow sort of girl, I like to keep the rest of my make-up simple.

I enjoy making lists, I guess it organises my thoughts.

I hope everyone (who celebrates) had a good Easter, I now have a lot of chocolate to eat which I happy about aha.

Sophie xox