Spring woodland OOTD

Heyy everyone,

Today my friend Ebonnie and I went on a walk round the woods near where we live. So I decided to make a post about it and show our outfits-of-the-day. It wasn't the best weather, but it had stopped raining and in Britain it does tend to rain a lot. Neither of us are photographers and it was sort of awkward to start taking photos but once we got into the swing of it it was really fun, and hopefully we can do it again in the summer where the weathers much warmer and nicer.

Both our outfits consisted of jeans, tops - mine being a Disney one and Ebonnies having cute emojis on it - , converses/vans and jacket/coat. These are kind of our go too outfits and are so comfy just to walk around with friends.

Even though the weather wasn't great walking and talking with my friends is one of my favourite kinds of exercise to do (can you count it as that? I wasn't sat inside so I'm going to take it as a yes). You can walk for ages and never run out of things to talk about and that means no awkward silences (yay), I really don't do well in those.

Well that's all for this post, I'm having a weekend of writing posts as exams are coming up after Easter and I want to have some ready so I don't have to worry about posting as well as revising. Maybe I should write a post on revision tips I've picked up to share with you all, what do you think? Comment below if you would want to read something like that.

Sophie xox