The Sunday Currently #2

Over the last week I haven't had much time to write any posts due to school work, so I'm going to carry on this little series that I've seen people write on their blogs.


Reading:  The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time. It's a book we have to read for school for the English literature exam, and it's not actually that bad so far.

Writing: Well apart from this post, I'm writing a story, but shh no one knows yet.

Listening: The Princess and the Frog soundtrack. "I'm almost there...".

Thinking: A list of more blog posts I can write.

Smelling: The smell of the lush valentines lip scrub that I've just put in my lips.

Buying: Hopefully new ankle boats, if they're in my size. 

Wishing: That my Spanish writing assessment goes okay on Thursday.

Wearing: Leggings, Harry Potter top, hoodie and scarf. Just some comfy clothes while I'm having a lazy day.

Loving: My new scarf! It's so warm and cosy.

Wanting: To finish the drawing I have started.

Needing: To write some more blog posts (haha I made my self a goal to keep up to date with my blog and I plan on keeping to it).

Feeling: Plain and simple, Happy. The suns out, the sky's blue and I'm just overall in a really good mood.

Sophie xox