The Sunday Currently

Heyy everyone

This week has been so hectic, it's a miracle I have had even just a little time to sit down a write. So I'm going to keep this post simple, and start up the series 'The Sunday Currently' which I wrote on my last blog after reading ones like it on other blogs.


READING: I've been flickering through books on Wattpad and Uncommon Criminals by Ally Carter
WRITING : Well this blog post right at this moment and my science homework on the evolution of a horse.
LISTENING: I haven't really been listening to much, but the last thing I played according to my phone were the songs from Wicked the musical.
THINKING: If I did okay in my math and English exam.
SMELLING: I can't pin point a smell, is that bad?
WISHING: Ummmm that my exam grades are okay.
BUYING: Well I'm trying to save up for a bunch of stuff, including Christmas presents for people.
WEARING: Comfy clothes! Just a top, leggings and fluffy socks. Oh a also my dressing gown, it's so fluffy, and it's so cold in my room.
LOVING: My new sketch pad, the pencils draws amazingly on it, and it allows it to rub out okay.
WANTING: Nothing really.
NEEDING: To sleep.
FEELING; Really happy! I'm looking forward to this week.