The Forgotten Items Of The University Checklist #2

It's that time of the year again. All of you who have just received your A-levels, which I hope went well and anyone else for that matter who are off to university in September are collecting everything you need for your new adventure.

Impostor Syndrome | Mid-Week Ramble #1

Finally, I'm here with the start of my Mid-Week Ramble series, I hope you enjoy! As the title indicates this will be a bit of a ramble but nonetheless I hope you find some of my rambling entertaining

Impostor syndrome. I feel like this phrase/word is popping up a lot in my life at the moment. So I thought of it as an indication that this would be a good chance and time to have a discussion about it. Since that is why I started this Mid-Week Ramble series for.

The Ultimate List Of Vegan K-Beauty Brands

Last year I put together a list of cruelty-free Korean beauty brands, which you can totally find here, and ever since then I've had it in my list of blog post ideas to write one specifically for those of you who wish to only use vegan brands. So here I am with that post for you.

My CAPS19 Experience

A shot of the swansea beach. Looking out into the horizon as the sun is starting to set

So before I turn you all away with the talk of physics, if you're a student and are stuck in a rut maybe give this post a read to find out other ways to make what you are learning fun; because we all know exams drain the life out of is.

Sophie's Spot Monthly Newsletter

So recently I've been trying to expand this blog on many different frontiers. And since the world of social media doesn't seem to be a stable one with Instagram algorithms and crashes every other month [exageration but you get the point], it seemed like a safe bet would be on creating an email list.

April Skin Magic Snow Cushion Review

the shot is of a girl looking in the mirror while applying to cushion foundation to her face.

It's been a while since I've sat down and written out a review on here, and even longer since it was a make-up review. But since trying out a new foundation since my usual favourite was out of stock everywhere, I thought it would be a good idea to add another cushion foundation to the reviews I have written before.

Of which you can find here: Missha, Chica'Y'Chico

Mid-Week Ramble | An Introduction

So I've had this idea written down for nearly over a year now, and I guess I've just been putting it off for the most part due to a fear of upsetting someone. But a while back I had a conversation with the lovely Fran from Francisca Rockey and she brought it to the forefront of my mind that I can't live life fearing of disagreeing with someone over my own opinions.

So that brings us to this train of thought.