Day In The Life Of A Placement Student | Research Assistant

an article on Sophie's Spot all about what it is like being on placement as a research assistant.

Back towards the first couple of months of the year, I wrote a post about my typical day as an astrophysics student. Instead today I thought it might, hopefully, be interesting to continue that mini-series of a day in the life, with my day in the life of a placement student. In particular the Day of a research assistant.

Thrifted Autumn Outfits

It's probably closer to the end of the autumn season that the beginning but better late than never as I always say.

After #secondhandseptember in September I've been trying my hardest to not only wear a lot more of the clothes I already own that have been lost in the back of my wardrobe for who even knows how long but also to only buy from thrift shops unless it's an emergency or I'm completely in love with an item that will become a staple in my weekly outfit rotations.

How To Schedule Pins To Pinterest

How to schedule your blog post promo pins to

Following on from my last blog post on How To Increase Your Page Views Using Pinterest it seems like a good time to go into further details on how you can schedule your promotional pins to go out at any time of the day.

How To Increase Your Page Views Using Pinterest

The image shows a phone with the pinterest app open. Advertising the how to increase page views using pinterest blog post by Sophie's Spot

Something I've been working on these last few months is increasing the reach of each individual blog posts on the world wide web. I'm still not getting massive numbers but one thing I think I've learnt enough about is using Pinterest to increase those views. So hopefully today I can help some of you also to increase your own websites page views.

Why Should You Take A Placement Year

female sat at table working on laptop, applying for her placement year
Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

For those of you in your second year of university, it is probably the time of year to start thinking about whether or not you wish to take a year out from your studies for either work experience or to study somewhere different for the year.

How To Do Well In The Second Year Of University

So you’ve somehow made it through the first year of university and are ready for the challenge of the second year. But after that enjoyment of student life and the somewhat smaller step from A-level than GCSE to A-Level was, its probably time to give some thought of how you are going to tackle the second year of your degree. Plus this year count towards you finally degree, the first year didn’t, so time to make those plans.

How To Run A Student Blog

A desk set up, with the model working at their laptop

I've typically stayed away from writing how-to posts since I've always believed as I'm not a master of anything and that there is probably always someone who is more experienced and well versed in a subject than me. Probably a bit of imposter syndrome there. But since all the time I've had this blog, which is around 5 years now, I've been a student, writing a post about how to blog while also being a student seems like something I could give advice on.